A really neat look at what the Pi camera is capable of.via Raspberry Pi Pod and micro:bit baseI’ve been loaned a new Raspberry Pi High Quality (HQ) camera with both the 6mm wide-angle lens and the 16mm telephoto lens by a very generous benefactor. It was so I could create an automated 360-degree turntable lightbox with integrated HQ camera to take consistent, rotatable photos of robots at the next Pi Wars event.
Whilst in my possession, I wanted to take a bunch of photos through it to see the results and inspect them for image quality, light-gathering ability, focus control and a few other features. The easiest way for me to do this was to make a portable camera where I can put it through its paces, hence the idea of PiDSLR pinged into my head. (I know this is technically a mirrorless camera, but I thought the PiDSLR name was … // Read more: original article.