Raspberry Slideshow 8.0 has been released today, featuring a big update of its underlying Raspbain Jessie base operating system; Raspberry Pi Zero W compatibility has been therefore added to the list of supported Pi devices. As of now, all Raspberry Pi range of micro-computers is supported.

Project users who reported the issue where an Oops: Terminated string was displayed on-screen in some circumstances will be happy to know that the output has been finally supressed 🙂

A slideshow operating system for the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Slideshow is focused on quick-to-set-up media slideshows for the Raspberry Pi. It can play all media contained in an inserted USB key, linked by an index file, fetched from a Windows (Samba) share or according to a webserver index file. The operating system can refresh the media list at given intervals, in order to slide images and videos according to remote changements.

Raspberry Slideshow can be downloaded from SourceForge.
More on project home page.

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