San Francisco-based company Oskitone has designed a 3D printable, hackable, simple synthesizer. Here’s more via github:

Beginner-friendly: All components are through-hole (instead of surface mount) for easier soldering, and full assembly takes about 45min. Standalone, battery-powered, doesn’t need a computer or external speakers to work. Fun!

3D-Printable: Besides the electronics and nuts and bolts, all parts are 3D-printed. And with a total width of ~160mm (about 6.3″), the Scout can fit on smaller, “Mini” (18x18x18cm) size print beds.

Hackable: Arduino-compatible and fully open source! Hook up an FTDI Serial TTL-232 cable (sold separately) to update its code using the Arduino IDE.

Minimally featured: 1.5 octaves of keys, a volume knob, on/off switch, speaker, headphone jack. Monophonic square wave with fixed glide and octave.

Oskitone // Read more: original article.

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