Where would the Wizard of Oz have been without the visual artifice that kept his myth alive? Being confronted with Johanna Tano’s wall of TV screens surely has a similar disembodied effect to the sight that greeted Dorothy and pals when they entered the Emerald City. Harnessing the power of Raspberry Pi computers, Johanna has been able to sync up and independently control up to 30 analogue TV displays at once.
Self-taught programmer Johanna’s visual installations have appeared at music festivals, in a forest in Sweden, and at fashion shows. Each is controlled by Raspberry Pi.
In her aptly named TV Wall, Johanna demonstrates the possibilities of using old tech and new in a highly engaging fashion. The TV Wall had its debut at Stockholm’s Fashion Week in 2017, where the likes of singer Kelis partied to a backdrop of multi-screen live video mash-ups.
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