Raspberry WebKiosk

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Raspberry WebKiosk is designed for the cheapest possible web kiosks and multi-user web workstations (use in cafès, offices, schools, hotels, hospitals, libraries) with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer base, where people can surf the web with a normal browser.

Note that Raspberry WebKiosk is not intended for digital signage deployments because the browser view is not fullscreen and system allows users’ interaction. For digital signage installations, please have a look at Raspberry Digital Signage instead.


Raspberry WebKiosk is a browser-only (only the interface of the browser will be displayed) hacker-proof operating system for Internet browsing purposes, which protects users’ privacy. After every reboot, browser will be kept back to the default state and downloaded files will be deleted.

System makes use of Google Chromium as Internet browser; it features internationalization, it supports printing and both wired and wireless networks. System parameters are set by a user-friendly web interface.


See download page for free download.

Author: Marco Buratto.