Open Secure-K OS (i386)


None of the existing live operating systems provide a kernel update feature: the kernel and the initrd are the only components that a live operating system cannot update, because they lay outside of the data persistence partition (if any) and usually the system partition is ISO9660-formatted. This will soon lead to an outdated operating system, particularly unsafe if used as a desktop-replacement or for security-critical activities.


Next Generation Linux live distributions concepts

The aim of the liveng project is to give the Community a set of best practices in order to turn a common Debian Linux live into a live(ng) operating system which features:

  • native encrypted persistence;
  • kernel update (on a live ISO 9660 filesystem);
  • UEFI, with UEFI Secure Boot compatibility, with a real efi partition.


Open Secure-K OS
The next generation live operating system following liveng patterns.

Open Secure-K OS is a liveng-compliant operating system built using Linux Debian Stretch components. It is a free and open source next generation live operating system.

The Open Secure-K OS Deployer tool is used to write the Open Secure-K OS initial system image onto a USB key:

Open Secure-K OS Deployer