Open Secure-K OS

Open Secure-K OS is an operating system booting from a USB key in which you can safely create and store your personal and private data.

Open Secure-K OS

It is an advanced Linux Debian Stretch-based live USB operating system built for security: user and system data are saved encrypted within the USB key (AES 512bit), so the system can be used as a clean and safe environment for your on-line security-critical activities. Moreover Open Secure-K OS does not rely on the PC hard drive and, being a Linux derivative, it’s immune to most viruses and it’s spyware / adware / backdoor free.

Open Secure-K OS features a unique partitioning scheme – it is liveng-compliant -, which allows complete system and kernel update with a readonly system partition.



You can download the image and the complete source code from GitHub. Open Secure-K OS is a free and open source operating system you can contribute to.


Unique features

  • native encrypted persistence;
  • kernel update (on a ISO9660 filesystem, which is the best option for a live operating system because of its strength against data corruption);
  • UEFI, with UEFI Secure Boot compatibility, with a real efi partition;
  • user creation wizard upon the first boot. Live operating systems use to have the “live” user already created, while Open Secure-K OS pops up the Initial Setup interface in order to create one, together with language, keyboard and time zone.

None of the existing ISO9660-based live operating systems except Open Secure-K OS provides a kernel update feature.