RockSolid Signage

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RockSolid Signage is an operating system designed for “indestructible” digital signage installations on 64bit Intel-based hardware: it displays a full-screen browser view restricted to a specified resource.

It’s based on Resilient Linux, a distribution with the data partition mounted on top of the system partition, which is read-only by design at filesystem-level so resistent to filesystem-corruption. The digital signage stack is directly derived from Raspberry Digital Signage.

System shows web resources from Internet, local network or local folders (so you can use the signage PC itself as the source webserver – it’s up to you to configure the internal web pages).

RockSolid Signage comes with the latest Chromium builds (featuring HTML5 capabilities), so you can display more attractive resources, more easily.

A digital signage example

(the image is just an example of what you can display – webserver content is up to you)

For example, you can display your own advertising site, electronic signs, booking site, queue or timetable management web application or create superb web presentations with Google Slides (Powerpoint compatible) or similar software.

RockSolid Signage is compatible with – and only with – all the Intel 64 bit-based hardware which can run a Debian Buster x64 Linux operating system.


Author: Marco Buratto.
Resilient Linux is based on LumIT Labs’ liveng.     LumIT S.p.A.