Raspberry WebKiosk changelog

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Version 9.0

  • a Raspberry Pi 4 compatible build, rebuilt with a Raspbian Buster operating system as its foundation. Some bugs have been fixed as well.

Version 8.0

  • the underlying operating system has been updated to the latest Raspbian Stretch build, which assures the new Raspberry Pi 3b+ compatibility (raspberrypi-bootloader);
  • Chromium browser (the most important package for this browser-face operating system) has been updated to release 60 (armhf) and rpi-chromium-mods to version 20180409 (armhf).

Version 7.0

  • the underlying operating system has been moved to Raspbian Stretch; the overall performance is sensibly better and HTML5 videos play a lot smoother;
  • some improvements on code and bug fixes (the most important ones concern WiFi networks’ discovery).

Version 6.0

  • older Raspberry WebKiosk infrastructure has been ported to Raspbian Jessie and now it is compatible with all the Pi boards (as of 2017, May) – system has been build from scratch again since v1.0;
  • finally, Adobe Flash Player is available for the Raspberry Pi Chromium browser! OK, it’s not the latest and greatest technology in the bunch, but many users ask for;
  • Chrome 56 which features H264 and AVC video acceleration;
  • some bug fixes and improvements.