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I’m using several rds devices to monitor web pages.  One monitors the device management page of a streaming appliance. There are several challenges to this. First, because of the physical configuration the rds is powered on before the appliance; can’t change this. Second, even if I could power on the rds simultaneously with the appliance, the appliance takes at least 5 minutes before its management page can be accessed. This rds and the streaming appliance are on the same LAN.

What I want to do is to automate the login process so that the operator will not have to continuously click on the “Retry” button. I envision the rds booting up and displaying some sort of “Please Stand By…” type of message on the screen and then entering kiosk mode when it can “see” the appliance management page.


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You can set up a digital signage page which actually is a local PHP script (in /rds/var/www).

That script just sleeps until the remote resource is ready then loads (with header: location) the real digital signage URL.

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As an example of a delayed start.

Create a file named delay.php in /rds/var/www/ and chown it to www-data:www-data; content is:

header(‘Location: http://myRealResource.local‘);

Set http://localhost/delay.php as your digital signage URL.