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I want to be able to serve content from the Pi’s internal SD card.

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Raspberry Digital Signage admin interface allows you to type in the URL of the web resource to be displayed; it can be an Internet one (, a LAN URL (; http://booking.lan), or even a resource located internally, inside the Raspberry Pi’s filesystem.

To simplify the management of the internal site setup, the WordPress plugin adds a WordPress installation to the system (/rds/var/www/wordpress) – see the main site, plugins page for this.



If you however want to add your own site (and/or don’t use the WordPress installation), just copy your website files with scp (see the comment below if you don’t know how to use scp) inside the system to /rds/var/www/mySite as it was a “normal” webserver, then change the ownership:

chown -R rds-www:rds-www /rds/var/www/mySite

and set the URL: in the admin interface.

Also, you need to allow your www folder to be reached without authentication; add the following to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/rds.conf:

SetEnvIf Request_URI ^/mySite.* noauth=1

and restart apache:

systemctl restart apache2

This way you can natively serve plain HTML and PHP files.

Disable network check
Upon boot, the system checks for the availability of the network, in order to display the proper admin interface if no network is available. However, with an internal site installation, the network check could be undesired: in case, modify /rds/home/rds-user/.xinitrc as:

  return 0

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How to use scp.

1. [on the Pi’s shell] Enable the SSH login via root directly: change the password for the root user while SSH’d in as rds-user (sudo passwd root), then modify /etc/ssh/sshd_config with PermitRootLogin yes (sudo mc -e /etc/ssh/sshd_config). Finally restart ssh (sudo systemctl restart ssh).

2. [on your host system] Copy your files: scp /path/to/my/local/files/* root@RASPBERRY_IP:/path/to/destination/

While for *nix users this is trivial, for Windows users this step could be a pain, without the right tools: use mobaxterm or similar.