Touchscreen unresponsive

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Hi  I have installed the latest version.

When the system has booted the touchscreen works for 20-30 seconds. After that it gets unresponsive. My guess is that its connected to the hide mouse pointer app. Is there a way to disable that in terminal?

Regards Tomas Wallentinus

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I commented unclutter in .xintirc but after 20-30 seconds it’s still not answering to touch events. Is there something else that starts with a delay?

Regards Tomas

Okey, an update.

I switched to a new Raspberry PI (same model) and then it started working. So probably faulty usb-ports.

Case closed 🙂

I have an update on this problem as it started again after a couple of days. The fault was that the Pi POE Hat gave less power than the USB-power. So the touchscreen didn’t communicate well enough. Changing to USB-power fixed the problem permanently.