Where to make changes/additions

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I want to add some additional changes to the system. For one, we need to implement a unique hostname to identify each individual RDS instance on the network. Our previous setup included a hostname initialization that used the Rpi’s serial number as part of the name, etc. and it set the hostname on boot-up.

I also need to change the iptables to allow additional communications ports.

I know the /rds/bin/rds.sh controls the system unit on startup. Here are static IPTABLES rules, etc. But I am assuming if there is an update, this file will be overwritten? Unless updates are only image-based.

Is it safe to overwrite these things? We have our own startup process that creates an ad-hoc network if no network client is available…using hostapd we generate a QR code and display that to the screen so the system can be configured. But with RDS, we will use RDS to configure, etc. but would like to use our routine to create the temporary hotspot until RDS has control and the client has selected a default wifi network, etc.

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