RockSolid Signage download and installation

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rocksolid-signage-release-installer-1.13.4-1.iso md5: accecb3ac3e9020f9c15e754b6b14f23

In order to install RockSolid Signage into your system’s hard drive, first write the installer image, rocksolid-signage-installer-version.iso, onto a USB stick.

Write the USB key from a Linux OS
Make use of dd; if the device file corresponding to the USB key is /dev/sdx for example, do:
dd if=path/to/rocksolid-signage-installer-version.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=10M

Write the USB key from Windows or OS X
Make use of Balena Etcher for the write.

Then boot the computer with the USB key and run the RockSolid Signage Installer application from the GNOME desktop. In less than a minute, the Installer will easily install the system into the hard drive.
You can optionally set a password for encrypting the persistence partition (encryption process may not support older hardware).

You can test/use RockSolid Signage in a virtualized environment as well, the same way described above. VirtualBox is supported and tested.


Full version

This “release” build of RockSolid Signage is limited is some functionality: if you like this project please donate.