Does the Pi need rebooting when using the refresh feature?

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Hi there,

We’re planning to use the Raspberry Slideshow for Digital Signage and want to connect it to a Samba Share. Since we would need it to change the contents dynamically, we want to use the refresh feature but are worried that the Pi reboots everytime it refreshes the media.

Thus the question: Is it able to update the sliding media in the background or does it reboot doing so?

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Raspberry Slideshow can refresh the Dropbox media list at given, fixed, intervals, in order to slide images and videos (only) when it sees changements.

After a timeout is reached (so, after the amount of seconds you specify with the refresh directive) and a playback cycle is completed, it fetches the media list (with files’ sizes).

If this list differs from the last-saved one, it reloads the related media and begins a new playback cycle. The time taken by this refetch depends on the files to download (as of now, a black screen is displayed in the meanwhile).

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So, long story short: no, a reboot is not needed.