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I’m not seeing any remote media slided from my Windows share.
What can I do?

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Double check that you have carefully read the instructions and the DEBUG mode is not listing any media files you are expecting to see (which should be fetched from the network share).

If all the statements above are true, now you have to check that the Pi is able to connect to the share and fetch the media: try connecting “manually” via SSH as root:

mount //serverIP/shareName -ousername=YOUR_USERNAME,password=YOUR_PASSWORD /mnt

If the previous mount command raises an error, try understanding what’s going on from that error log and, most important, have a look at your Windows server’s logs.

Otherwise, if no error is printed, you should be able to see the remote share in the output of the command:

mount | grep mnt

If this is your case, you should also be able to list your mounted folder’s media by using:

ls -l /mnt

If you can see your media files, it means that the system is able to mount the shared folder, and the error must be searched somewhere else:

  • if you are using the USB key as a medium to “inject” files into the Pi, make sure that the USB key is formatted as vFAT/NTFS or ext4 and of course that you have a set up the media.conf file correctly (v. >=13.0);
  • make sure that the files are saved in the root folder of the key (not inside directories);
  • make sure that the files downloaded by Raspberry Slideshow during its functionig have a size greater than zero (which issue means there are errors during the transfer). You can accomplish this by SSH’ing in and have a look at $TEMP_MEDIA_FOLDER_SAMBA, which by default is /tmp/imgs3.
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