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I discover RS with a lot of pleasure, so I subscribe to the donor’s version.

I use the full options like network shares or remote url and works good for me (my old samba server doesn’t support SMB2, so I hack with vers=1.0)

I would like to suggest some features whose could be more user friendly :

  • add some options to turn off the display and turn on, every day, in a file in rs.conf on the USB key, which replace or append the rs.conf
  • create the config files with some documentation (share, remote…) in the USB key when inserted and mounted to help new users
  • umount the Usb key in the script when files are copied to eject the usb safefully
  • when the RS is running and a USB is insert, the script could check if some new files should be copy
  • add some options in the local rs.conf to create some splashscreen, more userfriendly the RS boot

And the really killing feature is to create a tiny webserver which can admin the USB with some options in a web browser.

PS : I already have to create same projet (in french) and push it in a repository.

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The display on/off is possible with the crontab and the option like :
tvservice –off # to off the display
tvservice –preferred # to wake-up the display
We should add the :
systemctl stop.service rs or systemctl start rs.service
to stop or activate the rs service.
crontab file which contains the crontab can add some good options.


I have a big slideshow with images and videos. The goal is that the images and videos are played randomly. With the random option only images are played in random order. When all pictures have been shown the videos are played. I hope there is an option / configuration to play all files in a random order.

Thanks for feedback & best regards


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Thanks (a lot) for your suggestions.

So, now, this QA is open to anyone has got some 😉

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