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How can I rotate the output on my screen?

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Modify the /boot/config.txt file with one of the following values:

(it means: normal, no rotation)
display_rotate=1 (90 degrees)
display_rotate=2 (180 degrees)
display_rotate=3 (270 degrees)
display_rotate=0x10000 (horizontal flip)
display_rotate=0x20000 (vertical flip)

Use mc -e /boot/config.txt via SSH or mount the SD-CARD into a running operating system and modify the file with a text editor. Also Windows works this time, because the first partition within the SD-CARD is formatted in a way that Windows understands (it understands so little).

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This doesn’t work for RPI4s. Only 180 degrees works.

I’m trying to use:
DISPLAY=:0 grander –output HDMI1 –rotate right

But I get and error that I can’t open the screen. My images are formatted for the portrait view of the screen. Ideally it would be fine to just have FBI auto rotate them clockwise 90.
Is there a switch that allows this?