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How to SSH in?

What are the SSH credentials?

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You can perform an SSH login with the following clients:

  • Windows users will use Putty, MobaXTerm, any cygwin-derived program or the Linux Subsystem for Windows.
  • *nix users will make use of the native ssh client.


Use the following credentails:

  • user: pi
  • password: live
  • then, once in, type: sudo -i for administrative rights (root)

Raspberry Slideshow defaults to DHCP for the eth0 interface, so plug an Ethernet cable and boot: initial Pi’s address is always shown upon boot.

Please change the default SSH password for your security.

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SSH is the standard UNIX way to connect to the Pi’s virtual terminal in a secure encrypted way. More on Wikipedia,

So, if using a standard ssh client on *nix machines (Linux, OS X):
Open the terminal emulator (cli, if you prefer) and type:

On Windows, you can use Putty graphically.
On MobaXTerm (or similar or by using the Linux Subsystem for Windows), on the contrary, the syntax is identical to the one described above.

If you have a Raspberry Pi3 Model A+ that is wireless only (no Ethernet port), you cannot login via SSH because the network is not configured at all.

So, you can mount the SD-CARD into a running Linux operating system (a
VirtualBox one is ok) and modify the interfaces file with a text editor.


SSH is enabled by default in the donors’ build of Raspberry Slideshow.

“release” (demo) build does not have the SSH server installed. Please have a look at the donation page.

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