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Version 8.0 (next) – feel free to propose features

New features:

  • media retrieval from remote webserver folders (if Apache Indexes directive is enabled);
  • optional background music for the images slideshow.

Version 7.0

New features:

  • media retrieval from local network folder shares (Windows shares/Samba, for example: //;
  • cleaner playback;
  • faster boot;
  • some bugs fixed (images playback).

Version 6.0

New features:

  • removed linux-wlan-ng package, which interferes with the Raspberry 3 built-in 80211 module. Reinstall in case you use a Raspberry Pi 2;
  • no black screen after all images playback while possible (i.e. when no video and no server content refresh is set). Of course images to videos transition and reloading remote resources need a very quick blank;
  • optional photos rotation based on their EXIF informations (enable in /etc/rs.conf).

Version 5.0

It’s a complete new operating system which combines and enhances Raspberry Picture Frame Slideshow 4.0 and Raspberry Video 1.0, now both defunct.

New features:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 compatibility;
  • image and video playback;
  • images: no more a web-based slider, but a native Linux image slider directly using the framebuffer (speed, stability).