Raspberry Digital Signage

Raspberry Digital Signage displays web pages (network-fetched or SD-card-hosted) in a restricted full-screen view. Designed as a cheap and extremely powerful web-based digital signage solution with the Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Digital Signage is in enlisted in the directory of Distrowatch and is a NEC Partner.

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Raspberry Slideshow

Raspberry Slideshow is focused on quick-to-set-up image and video slideshows for the Raspberry Pi. Insert a USB key with image/video files or retrieval informations and boot: the system will display a slideshow of them in a full-screen view. Designed for media slideshow digital signage.

Raspberry Slideshow is in enlisted in the directory of Distrowatch.

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Raspberry WebKiosk

Raspberry WebKiosk is designed for secure web kiosks and multi-user web workstations deployments (libearies, cafes, public internet browsing places) where people can surf the web with a normal browser. It’s not intended for digital signage because browser view is not fullscreen and it allows users interaction.

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Open Secure-K OS (i386, x64)

Open Secure-K OS is an operating system booting from a USB key in which you can safely create and store your personal and private data. It is an advanced Debian Stretch Linux-based live USB operating system built for security: user and system data are saved encrypted within the USB key (AES 512bit), so the system can be used as a clean and safe environment for your on-line security-critical activities. Open Secure-K OS features a unique partitioning scheme, which allows complete system and kernel update with a readonly system partition.

Open Secure-K OS ThinClient (i386, x64)

Open Secure-K OS ThinClient is the most secure encrypted thin client operating system for VDI and RDP. It’s a live Linux-based operating system with kernel update and indestructible filesystem.