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Donation page

Donation page


If you like my projects, please donate.

Binary Emotions Bundle

As a donor, you will have full access to the unrestricted versions of: Raspberry Digital Signage (web-based digital signage) with its plugins and Raspberry Slideshow (image/video slideshow-based digital signage), which can be deployed on how many Raspberry Pi devices you wish!

Also Orange Digital Signage and Orange Slideshow, ports for the Orange Pi 3 LTS are included.

As a gift for PC users, an Ubuntu Server 22.04 port of Raspberry Digital Signage 18.3 package is also available for all donors!


Donation method
Please donate via the following PayPal button for the Bundle with perpetual updates.

Once donation is performed, PayPal will redirect you to the Download URL (from where you can download future updates as well): do not close the PayPal page before the redirect occurs.

Please note that I cannot anymore give email help: due to desperate lack of time I’m going to reply only to emails regarding bug reports.