Donation page

If you like my projects, please donate.

Binary Emotions bundle

As a donor, you will have full access to the unrestricted versions of: Raspberry Digital Signage (web-based digital signaging), Raspberry Slideshow (image/video slideshow-based digital signaging) and Raspberry WebKiosk (web kiosking), which can be deployed on how many devices you wish!


Personal, Professional or Enterprise bundle

The operating systems you receive with each bundle are identical, while the support differs: in the Professional version a best-effort e-mail help is included, while no e-mail help is available for the Personal version (please don’t ask for, I’m a one-man-band who really cannot reply to so many people…).

Also, updates for three years are guaranteed for the Professional version.

Binary Emotions bundle Professional is thus recommended, but not mandatory, if you intend to use a solution based on my software for your clients.

The Enterprise bundle is for special cases and it is detailed at the bottom of the page.


Donation methods

Please donate via one of the following PayPal buttons; double check that your PayPal e-mail address is valid. Once donation is done, I’ll e-mail you the full software downloading URL address within 12 hours.


Personal bundle

Please donate €16.90 via the following PayPal button:


Professional bundle

Please donate €29.90 via the following PayPal button:


Enterprise bundle

The Enterprise version adds a more “responsive” support to the Professional bundle: in the Enterprise bundle, email help is assured within 18 hours from your request, for the first year (then the Professional bundle “plan” will be applied) and if the issue (on a bug or for an already-developed feature) isn’t fixed, a complete refund will be performed.

This bundle is of course only useful for enterprises or resellers of my projects or solutions based on them. Please note that the additional cost is a “support cost” and not a “software cost”.

Please donate €49.90 via the following PayPal button: