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Download Raspberry Digital Signage

Download Raspberry Digital Signage


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rds-20.2-release.zip md5: 8c9f7cd4d826a31e6d4da615250b7ee9

Detailed write instructions are available here.
Long story short: you can write Raspberry Digital Signage with Balena Etcher to a micro-SD card or USB key (USB key for Pi 4 only), both of 8GB minimum – exactly as any other operating system for the Pi.

Compatible with all Pis. Raspberry Pi 5 compatible since v.20.2.


Full version

This “release” build of Raspberry Digital Signage is limited in functionality: if you like this project please donate.


I need to slide media files, not to display a website

For image and video files slideshow, please have a look at Raspberry Slideshow.


Docs / I have issues/questions

Just have a look at the documentation and the FAQ page.