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Raspberry Slideshow changelog

Raspberry Slideshow changelog


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Version 14.0

  • Refresh of the remote media list rewritten, now performed asynchronously by a pool of “watchdog workers”. This drastically reduces the blank between loops when the refresh feature is enabled;
  • Dropbox feature restored (it was broken since Dropbox changed their API);
  • Informational output on some TVs when playing videos should be now removed, thanks to Sean Monaghen;
  • system has been updated to the latest Raspberry Pi OS Lite (formerly known as Raspbian Lite).


Version 13.1

  • the underlying operating system has been updated. This solves an issue with the kernel on the Pi4, causing some fbi issues (many thanks to Torsten Walther);
  • splash screen.


Version 13.0

  • media.conf now replaces all the .txt files for configuring the system behaviour. It’s a breaking change;
  • upon timeout reached, only remote changed sources’ media are fetched again (previously, all media of all remote sources were downloaded);
  • Web/P images added to whitelisted images’ file formats;
  • better logging and prittier debugging output;
  • refetching hashes improved and better handling of connection issues (Dropbox improved);
  • USB device is unmounted as soon as media have been copied to the internal SD card for a safer USB key removal, idea thanks to Francois Audirac;
  • default MEDIA_FOLDER moved to /var/lib/rs;
  • the underlying operating system has been updated.


Version 12.0

  • the underlying operating system has been updated to Raspbian Buster, which assures the compatibility with the new Raspberry Pi 4 and all the older boards;
  • sliding Dropbox-fetched media feature has been added: you can now play images and videos directly from your Dropbox account!;
  • username and password can now be set directly in the network-share.txt file for the Windows share feature (previously a trivial modification of the source files was needed);
  • debug information is now much more verbose, easing issues discovery;
  • improved overall playback fluidity;
  • some bugs have been fixed, the most tedious one was that at every refresh timeout (serverlist-refresh.txt) all the media were downloaded, regardless if an upstream file had been modified or not;
  • Raspberry Slideshow code is now a proper Debian .deb package and not just a collection of source code files hand-copied across the system.


Version 11.0

  • the underlying operating system has been updated to the latest Raspbian Stretch build, which assures the new Raspberry Pi 3b+ compatibility (raspberrypi-bootloader);
  • SMB v2 is now used by default for the Windows (Samba) share functionality;
  • serverlist-related media fetching does not fire in case of download error.


Version 10.0

  • the underlying operating system has been moved to Raspbian Stretch; the overall performance is sensibly better;
  • a Systemd unit file now replaces the older SysV init-script for launching the slideshow;
  • smoother transitions between images and videos;
  • some minor improvements on code.


Version 9.0

  • underlying Raspbian Jessie operating system updated (I tried to switch to Raspbian Stretch, but it’s still full of bugs); kernel and bootloader packages have been updated as well;
  • omxplayer is now taken from Stretch (APT pinning);
  • the way the operating system mounts the inserted USB keys has been changed: usbmount has been removed (because it is now deprecated for the now-stable Debian Stretch) and now Raspberry Slideshow itself is responsible for the mount;
  • improvement: all txt config files (as network-share.txt & co) are now pre-processed in order to “clean” non-unix line terminators in one passage (dos2unix);
  • if Raspberry Slideshow finds out a .txt.txt filename exists, which of course is an error, it renames the file as .txt;
  • debug information is now also stored into a file (/var/log/rs.log);
  • bugfix: EXIF rotate did not work for Samba files;
  • some minor improvements on code.


Version 8.0

  • underlying operating system updated; fbi program now taken from Stretch (APT pinning);
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W compatibility;
  • Oops: Terminated output supressed when quitting fbi;
  • some minor improvements on code.


Version 7.0

  • media retrieval from local network folder shares (Windows shares/Samba, for example: //;
  • cleaner playback;
  • faster boot;
  • some bugs fixed (images playback).


Version 6.0

  • removed linux-wlan-ng package, which interferes with the Raspberry 3 built-in 80211 module. Reinstall in case you use a Raspberry Pi 2;
  • no black screen after all images playback while possible (i.e. when no video and no server content refresh is set). Of course images to videos transition and reloading remote resources need a very quick blank;
  • optional photos rotation based on their EXIF informations (enable in /etc/rs.conf).


Version 5.0

It’s a complete new operating system which combines and enhances Raspberry Picture Frame Slideshow 4.0 and Raspberry Video 1.0, now both defunct.

  • Raspberry Pi 3 compatibility;
  • image and video playback;
  • images: no more a web-based slider, but a native Linux image slider directly using the framebuffer (speed, stability).