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Raspberry Slideshow donation

Raspberry Slideshow donation


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If you like this project please donate.

As a donor, you will have full access to the unrestricted versions of: Raspberry Digital Signage (web-based digital signaging) and Raspberry Slideshow (image/video slideshow-based digital signaging), which can be deployed on how many devices you wish (no serials’ checks or similar sh*t)!

Full Raspberry Slideshow features:

  • SSH remote management enabled;
  • unlimited media slideshow (limited to three for the “release” build);
  • optional automatic photos rotation basing on EXIF informations;
  • remote inventory-based slideshow enabled;
  • media retrieval from network shares (Windows shares/Samba) feature enabled;
  • media retrieval from your Dropbox account feature enabled.

Donation page:

Once donation is done, I’ll e-mail you the full software downloading URL address within 12 hours.

Thanks to your support, Binary Emotions’ operating systems are growing year after year since 2012!