Arduino Mini Printer

Components. Finished look Everything is from scrap.You can buy arduino with shield and servo from alliexpress about 10 euros,For how it works follow “cnc machine from dvd scrap” instructable. Testing The difficult part is making the servo motor and having smooth touch on paper.Telescopic anten…By: sapatsidis Read more


The Smartbooked is een slimme boekenkast die 5 lades bevat voor 5 verschillende categorieën. Deze kast houdt bij welke boeken er in de kast zitten, en welke er zijn uitgeleend. In deze Instructable zal alles worden uitgelegd, van het opbouwen van de kast, tot het programmeren van de Raspberry pi.Bij…By: GauthierT Read more

Internet of Things investments will reach $800bn in 2017

The International Data Company (IDC) has just released its latest spending estimates for the Internet of Things (IoT), and the research firm predicts that investments will grow by 16.7 percent in 2017 to almost $800 billion. Global IoT spending is expected to hit nearly $1.4 trillion by the year 2021 as a result of enterprise investments in IoT software, services, connectivity and hardware. IDC believes that the largest investments in this emerging... Read more

Teclado Musical Arduino

Projeto desenvolvido para a matéria de design de som no curso de design digital da universidade PUCPR. Circuito Lista de componentes 7 x Resistores 10K7 x Push-button1 x Potenciômetro 10k1 x Auto-falante ou Buzzer Código As frequências das notas ficam gravas em um código a parte nomeado de no…By: guteixeira Read more

Repartition SD Card (Windows)

While tinkering with my new Raspberry Pi, I put the system in a bad place and it was clear that starting over was easiest. When Raspberry Pi images are installed on a microSD card, the card is divided into multiple partitions. To install Raspbian again, the microSD card needs to have one large parti…By: chellicmiller Read more

NFU Dream Maker Project: Spherical Robot Base

In this project 3D printing is used to create a spherical robot base.本專案使用3D列印來建立球型機器人的基板。We will also show you how to integrate Arduino Nano with Bluetooth module that control a spherical robot through commands from a Android phone. 也將示範如何整合藍牙模組與Nano,並從Android手機控制球型機器人。 Materials ​材料清單 Hardware …By: NFU_Dream_Maker Read more

Arduino Color Organ

For a long time now I have been searching for a way to make a simple, relatively cheap color organ. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, a color organ displays lights in sync with the music. After lots of testing, researching and creating circuits, I have come across what I have foun…By: jvoshage Read more

DIY Laser Security System

Hi Guys!Today we are going to make own laser alarm for intruders!It will be very simple and easy.We Will Have Two Parts Of Device. Laser And Ldr-Alarm PartLet’s Start!Please Watch Video And Subscribe My Channel What Will We Use? ArduinoA BuzzerLdr2 x BatteryMini BreadboardI will use laser with on…By: ensarlevent Read more