When the Raspberry Pi Zero first launched, we all thought about stuff we could make with it. Some of those can be found way back in issue 40’s Pi Zero launch feature. However, one we didn’t talk about was Eben Upton’s idea: the Raspberry Pi co-creator wondered if there was a way to play DOOM with a plug-and-play mouse.
While perhaps a little tricky with no keyboard, it’s an interesting idea, and we’ve seen versions of it since then. This project by Thomas (aka Electronic Grenade) takes the concept to a whole new level though by putting an entire computer into a mouse.

Fast facts
The computer mouse took about two months to complete
The 3D-printed parts took an entire month to design
The screen is only 1.5-inch, and can fold down for easy transport
Two mice were used for parts in the build
Thomas has also built a Raspberry Pi-powered laptop
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